About Me

Born 1969, Tehran

2nd grade Certificate in Photography (2015)

Bachelor degree in Photography (University of Tehran-1994)

Bachelor degree in Acting/ Directing (Islamic Azad University, Tehran branch-2001)

Took up photography since 1988

Founder and manager of Sheednegar

Cinematic and Photography Institute (From 2015)

Head of Photography Department of Applied Science and Technology University, Center 46 (From 2013)

Lecturer at Photography department of Applied science and technology university, center 46 (From 2013)

A member of Jury of competitions tier of Iranian Cinema Advertisement materials and secretary (34th Fajr Film Festival_2016)

Advisor of photography Section with cultural event (34th Fajr Film Festival_2016)

Secretary and Advisor of Photography Section with cultural event (35th Fajr Film Festival_2017)

Babak Borzouyeh

Babak Borzouyeh (Persian: Babak Borzouyeh; born14 Sep 1969) is an Iranian photographer,actor and director. He has worked with manypioneering directors such as RasoulMollagholipour, Masoud Kimiai and MehranModiri. Among other awards, he received anHonorary Diploma and Crystal Simorgh at the15th International Fajr Film Festival for BestPhotographer for the film Safar be Chazabeh(1996).

Photographing more than 10 television series, 35 feature films, and over 200 domestic productions, he is one of the most active Iranian art photographers. He has co-operated with well-known news agencies such as Fars, ISNA, Ana and Mehr. Beginning in 1991, he entered a new era of filmmaking and film directing. Borzouyeh was born in Tehran, the capital ofIran and Tehran Province.


Babak Borzouyeh

He was interested inart from childhood and, in 1979, at the age of11, showed his commitment to acting when heplayed his first role alongside professionalssuch as Ezatollah Entezemi in a film directed byDariush Mehrjouei. As a teenager, he often tookphotographs with his parents and it was thisthat inspired his interest in photography. Hecontinued his studies in this field at theUniversity of Tehran, receiving a Batchelor ofArts degree in Photography (1973). As hisinterest in theatre grew, Borzouyeh attendedTehran Aazad University receiving his secondBA in acting / directing in 1980. In 2015, hiswork was recognised by the Iranian EvaluationCommittee for Artists, Writers and Poets. He isnow head of the Photography Department at theUniversity of Applied Science and Technologyin Iran, and lectures a variety of courses. He isalso continuing his professional career inphotojournalism, commercial photography, andart photography.

Babak Borzouyeh

Participation in Local and Foreign Exhibitions and Awards

  1. Participation in the first news photo exhibition as a symbol of Guilan's Earthquake in 1993
  2. Holding photo exhibition entitled "Imam Khomeini's Death and Guilan's Earthquake" at Islamic Azad University of Arak since 1993
  3. Participation in and appreciation of special part of the Sooreh First National Festival of Kids and Teenagers Photo in 1991
  4. Attaining first rank in photography of competitions of teachers of Tehran Technical High Schools in 1995
  5. Attaining honorary diploma and gold medal of 6th Civil Defense Festival / Taking 2nd place in photo competition in 1996
  6. Attaining honorary diploma of 2nd photo festival of civil defense cinema and achieving 3rd rank in 1998
  7. Candidate for receiving the Crystal Simorgh of the best film photographer in 13th Fajr International Film Festival for film "Sayehaye Hojoom" in 1994
  8. Attaining Honorary Diploma and Crystal Simorgh of the best film photographer in 15th Fajr Festival for film " Safar be Chazabeh" in 1996
  9. Attaining Honorary Diploma and Gold Medal of 8th Civil Defense Festival for taking 1st place in photography competition in 2000
  10. Attaining Honorary Diploma and Gold Medal of 9th Civil Defense Festival for taking 1st place in single-photo competition for film " Poisonous Mushroom" in 2002
  11. Attaining Honorary Diploma and Silver Medal in Man & Sea Section of 2nd Daryaye Iran Photo Festival in 2005
  12. Getting 1st place of photography competition of National Journals Group in 12th Newspapers Festival in 2005
  13. Attaining Gold Statue as the best film photographer in 9th celebration of Iran House of Cinema for film "Hokm" in 2006
  14. Candidate for receiving the Crystal Simorgh of the best photo in 25th Fajr Festival for film "Hokm" in 2005
  15. Selected photographer of the best photo in 1st Photo Festival of site of doobin.net in 2005
  16. Holding the first youth photo exhibition on the occasion of Youth Week in 2007
  17. Attaining statue of the selected photographer of 26th Fajr International Theater Festival in 2007
  18. Holding youth photo exhibition entitled "8 Years with Rasoul Mollagholipour in Iran Photographers House in 2002
  19. One of the 10 selected photographers of Ghatare Ahan in Spain Festival in 2005
  20. Participation in Slovakia Transportation Festival in 2006
  21. Participation in 144th International Photo Exhibition of Edinburgh - England in 2006
  22. Participation in 27th International Photo Exhibition of Poland entitled "Mountain" in 2007
  23. Participation in 11th Exhibition of Italy entitled "Man & Sea" in 2008
  24. Candidate for receiving the Crystal Simorgh of the best photo in 28th Fajr Festival for film "Ekhrajiha" in 2009
  25. Letter of Appreciation and Statue for taking 3rd rank in the first festival of urban postcards in 2009
  26. Publish of book related to film " Trial on the Street" in 2009
  27. Setting up and handling site "photobsazigar" for promotion of actors / actresses up to professional level in 2009
  28. Holding Avaye Doost Exhibition in Pardis Mellat in 2010
  29. Candidate for receiving the Gold Statue of the best photographer in 15th celebration of Iran Cinema for film "Trial on the Street" in 2011
  30. Taking 2nd rank in non-news section of national journals group in 18th journals festival in 2011
  31. Holding photo exhibition of Iran film week in Sri Lanka in 2011
  32. Holding Rouyesh photo exhibition in Iranian artists forum in 2012
  33. Holding Naghshe Aval photo exhibition in Iranian artists forum in 2013
  34. Holding Dourane Tekrar exhibition, the subject of "Autumn Leaves in Caffeine Café" in 2013
  35. Holding the exhibition of "10 Pieces of Nature" in Café Gallery of khaneh Cinema in 2013
  36. Holding Exhibition of "Ghabe Mandegar"; a selection of theater photos in Iranshahr Theater House in 2014
  37. Holding Exhibition of "Akse Cinema Az Cinema" at Mellat Pardis in 2014
  38. Holding one-day workshop of "Seminar on Dream Light" in Museum of the Qasr Prison in 2016
  39. Executive of holding tour of "Tehran's Heart Photography" in the form of festival of "Ten Days with Photographers" in 2016
  40. Holding photography workshop of theater and cinema at Cultural Center of Media and Technology in Mashhad in 2016
  41. Holding group exhibition of photography entitled "Na Hast" in Iranian Artists Forum in 2016
  42. Accepting photo series of film " Under the Smokey Roof" in Sodaye Simorgh Competition of 35th Fajr Film Festival in 2016
  43. Appreciation by Iran Cinematic Photographers Association for news coverage of Plasco's Event in 2016
  44. Professional meeting on theater and cinema photography in photo center of Esfahan youth cinema association in 2017
  45. Holding One-day Workshop of Startup Weekend (Photographic Experiences) at Arasbaran Cultural Center in 2016
  46. Production of documentary film of appearance of Iran film market in 67th film festival of Berlin – Germany in 2016
  47. Production of documentary film of appearance of Iran film market in 70th film festival of Cannes – France in 2017
  48. Holding Takaane Honar Workshop at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of the University of Tehran in 2016
  49. Group Photography Exhibition entitled "Yeke Teke Zendegi" at Ivan Gallery in July 2017
  50. Holding individual exhibition entitled "Bade Bahari Vazid" in outside gallery of Iranian Artists Forum in 2017